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Cartier chair   call for pricing

Gold or Silver

Cartier chair
Image (50).jpeg

Padded Cartier-Purple

Padded Cartier-Emerald Green

Padded Cartier-Pink

Padded Cartier-Black


Infinity chair     call for pricing

Infinity chair

Padded Cartier-Red

Padded Cartier-Blush Pink

Padded Cartier-White

Image (49).jpeg

Chameleon chair  $14 

Image (55).jpeg

Bella High Back chair   

Image (60).jpeg

Ghost  chair -  $10.00
white, black or clear

Image - 2022-01-03T150132.017.jpeg
Ghost chair
Image - 2022-01-03T150124.884.jpeg

Grace Chair

Image (100).jpeg

Phoenix chair-Black or clear $12

Image (46).jpeg
Phoenix chair

Gold X-Back Chair
ivory or black cushions

Image (93).jpeg

Silver X-Back Chair
Ivory or Black cushions

Image (94).jpeg
Image (96).jpeg

Chase Barstool-

irvory or black cushions

White folding chair     $2.95
Folding chair

Cartier Barstool gold or silver

Image (47).jpeg

Gold Chiavari Barstool  $16

Image (62).jpeg

Ella chair

Image - 2023-01-04T171705.503.jpeg

Louis Chair

Rustic-Louis Chair

Image - 2023-01-04T173145.962.jpeg

Ghost Barstool

Louis Chair--White


Padded Cartier Barstool

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